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Our objectives at CPL have always been to provide our customers with state of the art solutions to increase the performance of their process systems. Performance is measured in many facets, efficiency improvement, emissions reduction, product quality improvements, unit cost reduction, etc. all of which provide increased sustainability. If sustainability is the balance of environment, economics and society, then CPL’s objective is to increase the Sustainability of our customers’ through OUR® solutions. We aim to reduce the use of fossil based fuels for practical alternatives.  We save “OUR®” customers money.

Optimizing the Utilization of Resources®

From CPL System’s inception, our projects have focused on the optimization of process performance. From gas compression and processing to combustion performance,  heat recovery, and the art of optimizing performance equates to reduced energy requirements per unit of product. CPL’s services increase our customer’s sustainability by providing “green” solutions to their process energy needs and reducing operating costs. CPL Systems is a Resource Conservation Technology Company. CPL has consistently offered and delivered increased sustainability through increased performance and optimization of energy systems to industry.

What We Do…

CPL custom designs, fabricates, tests and commission its own control system panels. We are a UL listed shop.

Advanced Process Controls

• Burner Management Systems
• Combustion Control Systems
• Dynamic Fuel Delivery System
• Product Drying
• Batch and Continuous Process
• Optimization

Process Simulation Modeling

• Combustion Processes
• Burner Design
• Compressor Sure Simulation
• Heat Recovery Systems
• Fluid Systems Analysis
• Electrical Load Study
• Arc Flash Analysis
• 3D Conceptual Designs

Why Use Us…

We can offer a full range of capabilities that many other engineering companies do not have without sub contracting.
CPL understands both ends of the pipeline (Compression, Transmission, Combustion, Emissions).


• Understand design and overall requirements for process
• Have unique control capability and understanding of the required equipment
• Set designs for ease of packages


• Know how to perform under all conditions
• Understand process requirements of our clients internal equipment and their standards for combustion of
alternate fuels


• CPL is the all —inclusive supplier of turnkey solutions for Sustainability

Operation & Maintenance

• CPL has demonstrated for over ten years of O&M capabilities and is positioned to grow with several projects for long term contracts

We ARE where you need us to be…

With nine locations strategically placed throughout the western United States, CPL is positioned to provide effective valve and actuator repair and service that increases plant safety, improves reliability and optimizes your total cost of ownership (TCO).


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